Friday, September 10, 2010

Is this good or bad product management? Kiwi Express Shine

So, I went on a simple errand the other day to replace my Kiwi Express Shine Sponge mobile shoe polishing tool.  Luckily (you'll see why I was lucky if you keep reading), the original product that I was replacing was a hand-me-down left in my office desk by the previous occupant.

So, to start, this is a great product, I love the convenience of it.  Since I never remember to polish my shoes the old fashion way with polish, applicator, brush, etc. at home, this simple product is a must have for me now.

I head over to the local Walgreen's to simply pick up the exact product I had previously.  I find the item and right next to it is a similar, same brand, but slightly different product - Kiwi Express No Buff Cream Polish.  As a conscious consumer, I look at the differences between the two products.

From a feature perspective, they look pretty much the same...they are different sizes...the applicator surface is a different shape...they are the same price...So, I guess I'll go with the one I know worked for me previously.

Wait a minute, let me look at them side-by-side in my hand.  Hold on, these things weigh totally different amounts.  I check the listed ounces.  1 is 2oz, the other is 1.7oz.  For the same price?

Now, I hope these two Kiwi products have some sort of difference, because the volume difference is so great.  From a Product Management perspective, they did not help me understand the reason why they were the same price with such a volume difference.  Even looking at their website, I still don't get any details that would make me believe the products have different features.

  • Is this vagueness good product management? i.e. hope customers purchase the lower volume due to the large profit margin.
  • Or, are the products priced accordingly and have very different features which are not explained to the customer?

What are your thoughts?  check out the Kiwi website and see if you can tell the difference.

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