Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Customer Service Week

I just read on Bruce Temkin's Customer Experience Matters blog, that this week is Customer Service Week. I really like how Bruce touches on the difference between customer service and customer experience.
My day to day job is heavily focused on the customer experience, specifically at kiosks. We have a strong focus on the UI customer experience due to that being the only option for customers to get their transactions completed. I believe that a good UI customer experience is imperative to an overall customer service strategy.
With most UI customer experiences, there is the chance of errors. How does your UI react when there are errors? Are there times when your UI cannot be the response mechanism to these errors.
We have a team that is focusing on non-UI atonement for issues that happen within our customer experience. We try to handle as many of our issues within the UI experience, but there are definitely issues that have to be dealt with and appologized for through other channels. This enhancement to our atonement process is definitely a key component in our customer service strategy.
Does your business have a proactive atonement program as part of your customer service strategy?

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