Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sociology of groups - Annual Water Ski Weekend

This past weekend was our annual Water Ski Team alumni trip.  This is an alumni ski trip for members of my college ski team and their sig o's (and children).  This was our 7th annual trip and it is always looked forward to for all.  We typically rent a private water ski lake and spend the weekend camping and catching up with each other.  It was a great weekend and I look forward to next year's trip.

As my wife and I drove home, we discussed how great a group of people it is and were both humbled by how educated and intelligent the people are.  There were approximately 15 people who were on the team (+ 15 significant others).  Out of the 15 members, I think there were only 2 of us that didn't have any advanced degree.  While we all graduated from a great college, most of the members have gone on to get another degree.  The degrees range from teaching, mba, masters in childhood autism, environmentalism, dentistry, law, nursing, and I'm sure I'm missing some.

While I was one of the few without an advanced degree, it was great to be in company with such accomplished people.  My wife and I also discussed how only the 2 non-advanced degree people work in general business related jobs.  Most of the others work for the government, non-profit, healthcare, or other professional fields.

So why is this group so educated? And why are they not working in the "Business World"?  I began thinking through the backgrounds of many of these peolpe's parents.  And it seems like the families definitely have a large impact on the destinations of these people.

I'm humbled and proud to be part of this alumni group and look forward to the enlightening conversations we will have next time.

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