Friday, November 27, 2009

Customer Service Success - Bavarian Soundwerks

I recently had a great Customer Service experience with Bavarian Soundwerks (BSW).  BSW is a retailer of BMW related audio equipment.

I've been trying to connect my iPhone to my 02 BMW factory stereo.  I have researched it briefly in the past and found the cost to be too much for my aging (high mileage) car.  I gave it one more try and found BSW, navigated the site and found the piece I needed.  The one thing I was unclear on was if I needed this extra piece ($100) to make the connector work.  I called BSW, they were closed as it was 7:30 EST, then I utilized their websites "Contact Us" form.  I submitted my question and expected to get a response the next business day.  I was surprised to see a response from Halston at BSW about 2.5 hours later that was very clear and to the point.  I then had a couple of follow up clarifying questions which were quickly responded to.

I purchased the item, received prompt auto-generated emails for receipt, shipping info (including UPS tracking number/link).  A couple of days later, I received my purchased item (BSW Auxillary Input Kit for BMWs).  I had previously watched the YouTube video (Bavsound)for how to install the piece, so I quickly installed the piece and my iPhone was quickly playing my favorite playlists.

Bavarian Soundwerks created a great customer experience for me and made this purchase simple.  I recommend Bavarian Soundwerks to anyone looking for audio supplies for BMWs.  Great job BSW.

P.S. I was recently amazed when I received a phone call on my iPhone which was hooked up to the Aux Input, I answered the call and could hear the caller through my factory stereo and the iPhone microphone picked up my voice perfectly.  I didn't think this system would work for a "hands free" phone.  This was the icing on the cake.


  1. Its unfortunate that in these times folks are not pledging their allegiance to that which is of the products labored in and of our sweet homeland - but still happy to see others enjoying the finer things in life while their are so many less fortunate

  2. "Anonymous", thank you for your comment. Bavarian Soundwerks is a great company located in the great state of Georgia. I'm glad you shared your opinion and agree with supporting products from the US. That said, it's not always possible to find great products that are made in our homeland.