Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Is social media too crowded? Too difficult?

I just read Scobleizer's post about his Real Time announcement of his new baby (congratulations).

While it was interesting to hear all the sites he was using to broadcast the message to his family and friends, it struck me that this was way too difficult. He mentioned a handfule of methods/social sites that he posted this announcement on in order to let all his friends and family know of the joyous event. With social media being so dishjointed, will we ever be able to broadcast an announcement like this from using one method?

If the social media space is so crowded and disjointed, will it get easier or worse as we move forward?

I would think if more of the social tools utilized more of an open infrastructure, then this would allow much more interconnectedness. But I guess this really stems from some of the players keeping their walls up.

I have to admit that I've been slow to become active in social media but I've been watching for a while. I guess one reason I haven't participated up until now was that I was overwhelmed. Is social media too difficult for the average person? Will most people rely on one social media community (I.e. Facebook or Twitter) and mainly stay in that environment?

My assumption is that most people will only use one social media platform, at least until the community makes it much easier to connect between sites.

Could you imagine if you had to manually switch networks every time you wanted to call a Motorolla phone from our Apple cell phone? Then switch again to call a Nokia. Blackberry. That would be ridiculous and unacceptable.

Maybe I'm just asking for too much early in the social era.

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