Saturday, January 30, 2010

Top Fitness Blogs, by Zen Habits, leads to...Thinking Lean

I recently read Zen Habits post about 20 top fitness blogs.  In this post, Leo invited his 5 favorite fitness bloggers to share their top 5 fitness blogs.  What an easy way to share a great list of blogs that was currated by some of the top bloggers in this area.  Thank you Leo.

After clicking through the list, I then noticed I didn't have any of these blogs on my Google Reader feed (read through Mobile RSS by Nibirutech, post coming soon about my New Favorite Tech Gadgets).  So I created a "Fitness" folder and added these 20 blogs to that folder.  See my Fitness blog list here.

I've been really into my Fitness lately, as I'm training for the Big Sur Marathon on April 25th, but I hadn't thought to add Fitness blogs to my Mobile RSS reader.  Now I have them all right there and I'm learning about what others are doing.

Then, two blog posts later Leo at Zen Habits writes The Ultimate How to Get Lean Guide where he allows the same 5 bloggers to share their "Lean" secrets.  This is a great post and opened my eyes to the use of fasting.  I really like the Rusty Moore's advice about working out in a Fasted State.  Totally backward from my current training plan, which I like.  Yesterday I ran 3.5 miles on a 14 hour fast.  More to come around this Lean thinking.

Thank you Leo, Rusty and other Top Fitness bloggers, great stuff.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Haven't blogged much, revamping my blogging style

I had a revelation this morning while listening to the 43 Folders, Merlin Mann, interview podcast of Linchpin author, Seth Godin.  As expected, this was a great podcast from two of the most well respected people.

The revelation, I haven't written a new blog post for a while due to my "resistance" to the time and effort it takes. 

In the past, it took me a while to get a blog out.  I'd easily come up with concepts, write a draft, then take time to proof, then publish.  It all sounds simple, yet it took me over an hour usually for a very short simple post.  The hour per post was my resistance. 

So, how am I revamping my blog style?  I'm going to take out the step that was causing me so much resistance and making me not enjoy blogging.  Proofing.  I'm going to write and let it fly.  Funny thing is, I've always hated proofing. Dating back to elementary school, I hardly ever read over my work before submitting.  Maybe that is why my grades in English classes were never stellar.

So, moving forward, I will try to keep up with writing posts quickly so I can work through my list of blog post ideas.  Hope you enjoy them.

Written in 12 minutes