Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Great Local Marketing at Charlotte, NC McDonald's - 50 NUGGETS and TEA $10

My wife was recently going through the photos in my iPhone Camera Roll.  She came across a couple of random pictures that she was confused as to why I would have taken a picture of that.  After I explained each to her, I had her cracking up.  So here is the first of a couple random posts about random things I've come across recently in my travels.  
Backstory: During my first trip ever to Charlotte, NC, I'm walking through a not so great part of town with a co-worker.  We're on our way to meet other co-workers for some BBQ.  After getting off the light rail train (which was super easy and convenient, highly recommend Charlotte Lynx Light Rail) we were walking towards a McDonald's when I glanced up at the customizaable 'old-skool' sign.  

Highlight: It read "50 NUGGETS WITH TEA (GAL) $10.99.  I thought WOW, that's a lot of TEA, and WOW that's a lot of NUGGETS.  Awesome deal, I wish we had that back when I was in college, we would have eaten that deal up.

Deep Thought: Is a deal like this created at the local level?  I don't believe I can get out of a California McDonald's with a regular size meal and drink for much less than $10.99.  This meal could feed a family of 5.  I was lucky that I had dinner plans with the rest of my team, or these 50 NUGGETS AND GAL OF TEA would have been my match for the night.

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