Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pump Track - Novemer 12, 2012

This is the point where I am now just making minor tweaks constantly.  Trying to get the flow better and finishing off pieces and packing dirt that was never packed.

Revamped transition from berm #3 to bowl bypass line.

Modifying the end of berm #1 into the rollers 6 and 7.  This day I raised the end of berm 1 and widened roller 6 and 7 to the right as the original line was a little left of where berm #3 needed them.

Inside of berm #3 to bypass

Rollers 6 and 7.
From left to right; Roller 6, 7, Berm #3

From upper right; Berm 1, Rollers 6 and 7, Berm #3

Picture from above berm #3, bowl on the left, bypass to berm #2 center

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