Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pump Track - September 9, 2012 #1

Due to the bowl not working out too well, I cut a line that comes off of berm #3 and bypasses the bowl.  It is showing promise to allow the rider to complete the circuit.

You can see the bowl just above the bike, and the bypass line in the center of the picture.  And a new tamp just above the bike, rectangle shaped.

The bottom left corner of this picture is berm #2.  You can see that I removed the start of the berm (now a pile of dirt) in order for the bypass to flow into berm #2.

You can see roller #1 breaking down.

This picture shows the end of berm #1, and the split between the original loop and the newly added bypass to berm #3.  At the end of berm #1 we cut out the end of the berm and added a roller.  I was constantly cutting this roller in order for it to flow well and to create more speed into berm #3.

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